Cressi Pinna Rondinella Acquamarina


Cressi Pinna Rondinella Acquamarina

All of Cressi’s fifty years of experience in this fin that re-proposes in a modern key the winning principles of the glorious Rondine in blue rubber, suitable for snorkeling, freediving, and swimming.
The blade is made of polypropylene, light and reactive material at the same time, combined with a soft Thermo rubber (elastomer) used for the foot pocket, the side rails, the protective edge of the blade, and for some inserts.
A cocktail that guarantees lightness and high performance, making the Rondinella an easy to use fin, not very demanding, but at the same time generous in performance.
The computer-designed foot pocket is snug and anatomic, perfect for easy foot insertion and extended use of the fin. Rondinella is the ideal fin for snorkeling, freediving and long swims.

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Cressi Pinna Rondinella Acquamarina

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