Rescue Diver

Started on November 30, 2022

Rescue Diver & Emergency First Response

Together with the Emergency First Response course, becoming a Rescue Diver trains you to provide effective & fast support in a wide range of situations.

Included in the Rescue Diver course: Rescue Diver

The best ways to approach and support divers in trouble without risk to yourself,

Search and rescue techniques and providing rescue breaths in water

The treatment of marine injuries.

We suggest you allow 5 full days to complete the course, 6 days if EFR is to be included.  But we can provide training over a longer period of time.

There is an e-learning theory pack available from the PADI website.

The minimum no of people on this course is 2

Prices in Euros: 400 Euro 

Emergency First Response costs 100 Euros.  The price is negotiable for large groups 

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