What you need to know before diving with us.

Please do not contact the dive centre through the website but through the email: dive_code@outlook.com or  call 00302721064908

Age limits to diving

Bubblemaker – Minimum age 8 years restricted to pool

Discover Scuba Diver -Minimum age 10 years

Junior Scuba Diver – Minimum age 10 years (between 10 and 11 years after qualification divers are restricted to 12 metres and until 15 years of age must dive with an adult qualified diver)

Junior Open Water Diver – Minimum age 10 years

Open Water Diver – Minimum age 15 years

There are also minimum age limits on continuing education courses

Upper age limits: There are no upper age limits on diving but you will need to meet the requirements stated on the Medical Questionnaire.

Although once in the water, diving is usually a relaxed activity, there is a certain level of physical fitness required outside the water.  This can be supported if we know that a future diver has problems such as with back and leg pain which mean they will need extra help in managing equipment.  Please let us know if this is the case.

Before learning to dive you will be asked to complete:

  • Medical questionnaire
  • Liability Releases and Acceptance of Risk Statements
  • If under 18 years of age parents are required to read and sign releases as well.

These documents are available on the website to ensure that you understand all legal requirements before you sign up for a course.

Please use our email: dive_code@outlook.com to book courses or to let us know in advance that you wish to dive with us.

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