Just dive


For qualified divers who already know the joy of diving we can offer a range of guided dives from the shore or by boat.

We have a number of dive sites that include walls and over hangs with drop offs to 40+ meters. So I have only included a few named that have specific features, but there are more:

Meropi Island: a short trip by boat. We descend to 5/6m, and drop to 14m where we follow a small wall to an archway which we swim through, continuing along a wall advanced divers have an opportunity to enter a small cavern to look at a max depth 24m. The dive then continues ascending over the reef to drop into a cavern which can be swum through and exited easily, filled with corals and small marine life, such as shrimps and crabs.

The Bridge: A dive which is suitable for all divers and 10 minutes by boat. We descend to 20m, around 2 pinnacles and return over them to follow a wall,  which has some coral growth and many holes to search for marine life. The dive ends with a swim through a large archway (The Bridge) and divers are picked up by boat.

Spring and cave: 5/10 minutes by boat. Divers exit boat into a small current as the boat is moored above the spring which forces out thousands of litres of fresh water every hour . Maximum depth 27m. divers can swim through the springs at the deepest point or around the outside depending on qualification. They will then follow their guide to explore a cave on the shoreline to a depth from 5m before returning to the boat

Captain Bob: boat dive. Best for Advanced Divers only, but it is possible for Open water Divers to follow the reef above. Descend on to 14m and swim to a drop off. Descend to 30m to see Captain Bob, a small statue placed under an overhang at 30-32m. we then descend to 32-35m to do a swim through a darker corridor until we round the corner to exit through a high wall full of corals and continue the dive across the reef ending near an overhang on the shoreline.

Limeni: truly worth the 45minute drive. After a shore entry and small swim, we descend on a bank of broken  amphora (over 2,000 years old, there is nothing left of the wooden ship). We slowly descend to 16+ metres to see two large anchors. Then continue (for advanced Divers) to 27m to see the wings of a WW2 plane that was shot down, as well as the air canisters at 32-34m. We then ascend to 18m to see the engine swimming back to finish the dive at the entry point.


Guided Dives with Dive Code

Scuba Review                                                                                                                                    60 Euros

Guided shore dives                                                                                                                          50 Euros

Local truck and boat dives are dependent on the number of divers & start at        55 Euros

Truck dive to Limeni based on 3+ divers                                                                                60 Euros

Limeni 2 Boat dive day based on 4+ divers or snorkelers                                               120 Euros