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We offer a full range of courses up to and including Divemaster

Advanced Open Water Diver

A significant milestone in diver development, this level is often required on live-aboard holidays and for more demanding dives.  Over 3 days you complete 5 adventure dives which include Deep Dive and Underwater Navigation and any other 3 from the following:

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Boat Adventure

Digital Underwater Imaging

Enriched Air Adventure


Search and Recovery

Underwater Naturalist

Fish Identification

Prices in Euros:  For 1 person 400,   2 people – 350,  3 people – 330,   4 people – 300.

Rescue Diver & Emergency first Response

Together with the Emergency First Response course, becoming a Rescue Diver trains you to provide effective & fast support in a wide range of situations.

Included in the Rescue Diver course: 

The best ways to approach and support divers in trouble without risk to yourself,

Search and rescue techniques and providing rescue breaths in water

The treatment of marine injuries.

We suggest you allow 5 full days to complete the course, 6 days if EFR is to be included.  But we can provide training over a longer period of time.

There is an elearning theory pack available from the PADI website.

The minimum no of people on this course is 2

Prices in Euros:  2 people – 400 Euros  3 people or more – 350 Euros. 

Emergency First Response costs 100 Euros.  The price is negotiable for large groups 

Specialty Diver Courses

By far the most popular of the Specialty Diver Courses is the Enriched Air Diver. Why? Because Enriched Air (Nitrox) does not allow you to dive deeper but it may improve your feeling of well-being when diving a lot.  It could mean you can stay down longer or have shorter surface intervals.

Other specialty diver courses we can offer are: 

  • Deep Diver
  •  Underwater Navigator
  •  Underwater photographer
  • Night Diver
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy

 In addition to the above we offer a Distinctive Specialty exclusive to Dive Code: Invasive Species.  The Mediterranean has experienced an influx of over 900 species (including invertebrates, grasses, algae as well as fish).  The course provides practice of two methods of surveying fish populations as well as providing background into those species which present the most threat to native ones.

PADI Specialty Courses                                                                           Per Diver

EANx                         With 2 dives                                                                   160

                                    With Simulations                                                          100

Deep Diver                          4 dives                                                                    400

Search & Recovery           4 dives                                                                     260

Underwater Navigator    3 dives                                                                     210

Night Diver                     3 dives                                                                          210

Invasive Species            3 dives                                                                          210

 Master Scuba Diver

This is not a course – but if you have completed Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver and 5 Specialty Courses you are one!  It’s an alternative to taking your diving through the professional route.

Divemaster Training

We recommend you go professional to Divemaster level with Dive Code as an intern supporting our instructors whilst you learn.  You apply the knowledge and skills you will need whilst gaining real experience in all the activities of a dive centre .

You will also need to complete the Discover Scuba Diver Internship to work effectively as a Divemaster.

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